how to buy monero

Buying Monero Anonymously Online

We’re going to be demonstrating how to buy Monero online. Monero is the most secure crypto for making anonymous online payments, as this does not have a public blockchain like Bitcoin does. This means if someone is able to find out the payment address they cannot track the sender regardless of the entry or end point. This makes Monero the most ideal crypto for spending and receiving

Buying Monero


Local Monero is the perfect place to buy and sell Monero. It works by matching independent buyers and sellers from around the world together to trade crypto for traditional Fiat currencies. There’s no identification checks, with a range of different payment options such as cash via mail, wire transfers, gift-cards, or third party purchases on behalf of the seller for Monero. This Makes it a great choice for anonymous acquisition.

Buying is Easy, simply choose your country.

Simply select the country that you are in on the homepage to be presented with the range of sellers and buying options. The image above shows how you can send money via the mail in order to receive Monero. This is a great option if you would like to retain anonymity that may be lacking from using traditional wire transfers. We are firstly going to be creating an account on the site in order to allow us to trade with vendors and buy Monero on the site. This is very simple to do and shouldn’t take more than 5 minuets to complete.

Make an account

Now that we have an account made, it’s time to now search for the country that you’re in and the payment method you want to us. We would recommend wire transfer or cash via mail, is this is one of the most secure payment methods. You can use whatever you like however, as when sending the Monero this is automatically anonymous.


Choose the seller

Once you have selected a vendor you will be presented with the seller’s description and terms of sale. You then need to choose how much you would like to spend in the local currency, from here, you will be shown the amount of Monero that you are going to receive.

Once you are happy, choose trade. You will now be asked to provide a Monero address for the funds to be sent to. You can use any Monero payment address that you have, this can be the address that you have on the LocalMonero account or a Monero address can be created via

Once the address is inserted you will be re-directed to the trade window where the vendor will provide you with the payment details or address. You need to send the Fiat to the address they provide for the order to be completed. All of the Monero funds are kept in escrow from the seller, so don’t worry if they never end up releasing the order. The mods will step-in and release this automatically for you. That’s it! You have successfully bought Monero in an anonymous way, this can now be sent on to the Nemesis Market to be spend on whatever you like.