How To Buy Drugs Online

Start With Downloading Tor Browser

The Tor Browser allows you to directly and anonymously connect to Nemesis Market for unparalleled browsing and buying of products. By downloading Tor all of the traffic from your computer is relayed around the world and encrypted, meaning no one is able to see the sites that have been accessed anonymizing your data.

It is important to however follow good security guidance in order to make sure your activities are secure and you are not compromising or reveling aspects of yourself to third parties. We shall go via the ways of minimizing these risks shortly, for now, follow the start-up instruction provided by the Tor Project for your operating system. After installing the software, you’ll be presented with a page similar to the one below:

This is the default start-up page for the Tor Browser. From here we need to navigate to the Nemesis market and create an account. Tor anonymous sites run via something called an onion address, .onion. This means they cannot be accessed by traditional clear-net browsers.

Buying Drugs Online Via Tor

Grab one of the WHOLE links and copy and paste into the Tor Browser


How To Buy Drugs

2 - Create an account

Step 3 - Browsing For Items

Success! You now have an account on the Nemesis Market. From here, we need to look for the types of items that we endeavor to purchase. You can select the following category from the menu links on the site to be taken to the appropriate sections, and presented with a range of products from trusted vendors.

You can split the results into different locations by using the advanced search options, this way you can only make sure that items for the selected country are displayed aiding in the searching ability of finding the right items.

Once we have selected an item we now need to see how to buy it using cryptocurrencies, you can use Monero or Bitcoin on Nemesis market in order to purchase. Our guide on how to buy Monero can be found HERE

By clicking on an item you are presented with the description, quantities and reviews from the vendor. Looking at the most recent feedback gives a good understanding of the quality and receptiveness of the vendor’s communication among other information.

You can select the item and begin to buy it by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ this will then bring you to the order checkout page. From here you are asked to select the type of payment method that you would like to use. We reccomend that you use Monero for this type of transaction. Do not forget to enter your address on this page and press update. USE PGP FOR THE SAFEST BUYING EXPERIENCE! If you do not know how to use PGP CLICK HERE FOR OUR FULL GUIDE ON THIS

Select the type of payment method below in order to pay the vendor for the order.  This will then bring you to the payment window with the address to send the funds to. All funds on escrow orders are held by the market until you release the payment or dispute the order if there are any issues. Be sure to notify the vendor FIRST if there are any issues before disputing or extending escrow. They can usually solve most issues without the need for market admins or moderators to get involved.

For this example, we have choosen bitcoin as the payment method. This displays the sending location for the funds to be sent. Once sent allow sometime for the cryptocurrency to get confirmed by the network before panicking that there’s an issue with the payment. Depending on how congested the network is, this could take up to a couple of hours. Once the payment is confirmed then the seller will be notified the payment has been paid, keep an eye on your orders at the top of the account page for updates on once it has been sent.

That’s it! Once the order is accepted the item will be on the way to you. If you have any questions see our FAQ below, or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.