How To Buy Drugs Online

Buying drugs online may seem like a daughting task, although this is extremly straighforward to do in a safe and secure mannar with minimal risk. Since the creation of Silk Road the way in which people buy and use drugs has rapidly chnaged over the last decade. Now buying drugs is quicker, safer and more conveniant than it would be buying or selling on the street. Online Darknet Sites such as Nemesis Market have allowed for harm-reduction an reviews to aid on the side of safety for the consumer.

By allowing buyers to review vendors on their products this provides a safer experience for all, lowering the risk of items being cut with harmful chemicals. Due to the online nature, this also lowers physical violence in gang related activities as more and more sales are done out of the way of the public. The purity of drugs are at their highest online, often coming from the source and not being altered to retain the level of potency. In order to buy online you will need a couple of things. Cryptocurrency, a link to the Nemesis Market that can be found HERE and the Tor Browser.

These are easy to obtain, and allow for a secure and anonymous way of buying drugs. Cryptocurrency is used to purchase items and most sites accept bitcoin and Monero as a form of payment method. We would recommend if you can to use Monero as this is a much safer and harder form of crypto to track due to the blockchain technology. These can be bought from online apps, or via localmonero or localbitcoin in a discreet manner. 

STEP1 – Download Tor

Okay, so we’ve cleared that up. We now need to download the Tor Browser, this can be done by clicking here.

After downloading tor for your operating system you will be presented with the following start-up page.

STEP 2 – Navigate to Nemesis Market – Copy And Paste The Link Below Into Tor

Now that Tor has been installed on your device, we now need to navigate over to Nemesis Market for browsing and buying drugs online. This process is very simple, safe and secure due to the power of the Tor browser. Simply copy and paste the .onion address below into the Tor browser. You’ll be taken to the signup page for the site.

---------------------------------MAIN LINK TO THE MARKET----------------------------------------


How To Buy Drugs

We now need to make a username and password in order to access the Nemesis Market. It’s recommended that you choose credentials that have not been used on any other sites. This way it minimizes risks associated to people guessing and logging into the account and or connecting your real-identity to the dark-net activities. You simply need to fill in the on-screen steps to create the account, make a note of the mnemonic code and save this securely somewhere. As this is the only way of getting back into the account if you forget any of the credentials.

STEP 3 – Navigating and buying products on the site


Now that we have an account setup, it’s time to browser for products and explore what Nemesis market has to offer. We can click on the market tab at the top to be brought to all of the sites vendor’s items. There are hundreds of vendors from all around the world on Nemesis; selling a variety of different products and services. You’ll be sure to find the best quality, price and professionalism here. 

STEP 4Adding items to cart and paying for products securely on Nemesis Market.

As an example, let’s say you want to have the item above bought. You click on the items and are shown the feedback, reviews, and sales of the vendor all within this page. From here if we’re happy and want to go ahead with a purchase we click on the add to cart as shown above. This then brings us to a page where we choose the payment type and add out addresses. Nemesis market accepts Monero and Bitcoin as the payment criteria. If you would like to know how to purchase Monero and Bitcoin Click HERE for our full guide.

Now we need to enter an address as shown above, on this page. We recommend that you do not send your address unencrypted as this could be intercepted if the server is compromised by anyone or law enforcement. USE PGP TO MITIGATE THIS (GUIDE HERE)


Now we need to select the payment method for the purchasing. In this example we are going to select Bitcoin, we do recommend you use Monero however. Due to it being much more anonymous than Bitcoin and provided lower transaction fees. Save money and enjoy more privacy while buying drugs online.

Now we need to send the correct amount of crypto currency to the address provided above. Once sent it will be confirmed by the system and the order will be sent to the vendor for accepting. Once accpeted by the vendor they will begin by sending the product to you, once it arrives you log back into the account and click on order delivered. This will then give the funds to the vendor and the order process is now done. It’s important to leave the vendor feedback based on the experience, this builds up trust with the Nemesis Market community and strengthens relations. 

What to Do if the order does not arrive

A: If the order does not arrive you can extend the finalization timer. When you buy a product the funds for the item get placed into escrow on the site, this means if there are any issues you can extend the time in which it takes to release the funds to the vendor. Usually, most items and the time it takes for them to arrive is due to postal delays. If the item has not arrived before the timer runes out you can dispute the item. This stops the payment from being released and places the whole transaction into a sort of limbo. From here you can say the reasons why it has been disputed, quality, non-arrival or other and the moderators will decide to refund you or give the funds to the vendor.